University Emergency Lighting System

Wireless Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping emergency lighting system

Hostwave has been in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) for over 9 years. The largest of the projects is the ‘heart of the campus’ development which opened in 2017.

The brief was to provide:

  • Confidence and trust to protect their employees, students and visitors who are accessing the multiple sites at different days and times of the week.
  • A solution for over-worked internet networks and multiple mobile devices.
  • One platform to control, programme and monitor multiple buildings (historical and modern), each operating different emergency lighting systems.
  • Monitor and maintain the system and lighting products across multiple buildings with ceilings over 10 metres in height.
  • Aesthetically compliment the new development.

The Hostwave Logica FM wireless emergency lighting testing system has transformed multiple areas of our campus into a fully compliant, easily managed and cost-effective site. I would have no problem recommending Hostwave and Logica FM.

Kenny Allen, Facilities Manager, Glasgow Caledonian University

GCU provides educational studies to approx 17,000 international and national students per annum. The arrival of the contemporary restaurant and showcase space for students marked the first milestone of GCU's £30 million campus transformation, opening in August 2017.

Project brief and partnership

The brief was to supply an emergency lighting control system and luminaires that could be operated centrally.

To provide a wireless system with a proven track record in signal integrity that could be simple to install and would not cause any interference from existing equipment and other networks devices in operation. A solution with no communication cables to add and remove luminaires to and from the system.

To find a partner that provided a dedicated point of contact to work closely with the small on-site facilities team. To train a team who could easily, and with confidence, monitor the system located across multiple sites from one platform; determining which areas/luminaires should be maintained or switch maintained; identifying any luminaire defects and resolving these immediately.

To provide a solution that did not compromise the aesthetics of this campus contemporary designs and beautifully landscaped surroundings. That could cover large scale sites as well as multiple buildings.

Hostwave achieved this brief by recommending Logica FM, a self-contained wireless control system operating emergency lighting from one central point on-site and/or remotely.

Logica FM

Logica FM is a wireless control system which operates using Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping on a bandwidth range of 2.4GHz - 2.835GHZ guaranteeing signal integrity.

Each LED luminaire has its own IP address, battery and wireless inverter hidden inside which is preaddressed and contains a transceiver module enabling it to receive and transmit data signals.

With no communication cable required, it is ideal for installation across refurbished buildings and new developments.


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