Control Systems

Control Systems

Hostwave offers an extensive range of control systems to support emergency lighting and mains lighting products to provide your property, budget and organisation with a tailored solution.

Emergency lighting control systems

Whether you require a wired or wireless self-contained or a centrally supplied, control monitoring and testing system, or simply need to add emergency luminaires to an existing system our team of experts will review and recommend the right products or system for you. Browse our emergency lighting control systems and compare features.

Emergency Lighting Control Systems

Mains lighting control systems

Choosing between a traditional lighting solution, or the latest innovation in lighting control, our team of experts can guide you through the full range of optics, drivers and controls to ensure you have the very best products to suit your needs. Browse our mains lighting control systems.

Mains Lighting Control Systems

When seeking for a low energy controllable LED lighting system, our engineers turned to the expertise within Hostwave to establish if their products would fit the stringent requirements of the client. Low energy, low glare, fully controllable without the need for a control cabling system and suitable for luminaire replacement only (i.e. no changes to data cabling), the Beghelli system chosen provided an ideal luminaire that fitted all the criteria.

Energy savings were predicted at 70% but load monitoring on the installed system confirmed 85% energy savings with a load current of just 15% of what the system was running at previously. Coupled with the RF-based comms medium, presence detection and daylight linked system we achieved a measurable increase in lighting level and light quality. The same system has now been adopted and proposed along with the standalone LED central battery systems.

Craig Thomas, Director, SVM Glasgow

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