Logica FM

Logica FM

A self-contained wireless control system operating emergency lighting from one central point on-site and/or remotely.

Logica FM is the only wireless control system (CS) which operates using Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping on a bandwidth range of 2.4GHz - 2.835GHZ guaranteeing signal integrity.

Each LED luminaire has its own IP address, battery and wireless inverter hidden inside which is pre-addressed and contains a transceiver module enabling it to receive and transmit data signals.

The wireless control system provides 240 volts of electricity, with the option for the closest luminaire to be up to 400 metres away in distance. Each luminaire can be positioned 20 metres apart from the first one. On average, each CS can control up to 350 luminaires.

With no communication cable, it is ideal for refurbished buildings and new developments. Logica FM is suited to all sizes of project, with a premium collection of high-performance luminaires, exit signs and conversion kits complete the system.

Communication of multiple control systems can be achieved using Logica Visual Software. This provides controlling, programming and monitoring on single or multiple sites.

Having specified Logica FM for a large scale healthcare project we have found it met the objectives we set out to achieve. Logica FM is a unique system which has been designed to generate efficiency savings while equally increasing safety through compliance without overly complicating the installation process. Based on my experience I would willingly specify this system again and would feel confident in recommending Hostwave for future Projects.

Jim Kellachan, Technical Director, Harley Haddow, Glasgow

Logica FM in action


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