Opticom luminaires take auto test systems into the 21st century with unique and innovative time-saving features.

Test results automatically initiated via the built in microprocessor can be harvested via Smartphone via the Opticom light sensor and seamlessly transferred to a cloud-based platform. Significantly reducing the time required to conduct manual test recording.

Patented Titanium Battery Advantages

The patented Titanium Batteries only available in the Opticom range offer next generation battery performance:

  • Full recharging in 1 hour - allowing your organisation to get back to peak performance significantly quicker after a discharge
  • Select from autonomies of 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 8 hours
  • Can operate in extreme temperatures from -30°C to +75°C - a far greater range than many other battery types
  • Can perform up to 7000 charge/discharge cycles

Plugin Modules to Upgrade to Central Testing

Opticom devices can be upgraded to work on a central testing system by purchasing either a DALI, Logica or Logica FM module.

Additional Features of Opticom Software

As well as significantly speeding up the test recording process, the Opticom system allows the configuration of the following operations via smartphone:

  • Change the autonomy of the luminaire
  • Change the operation mode from Non-Maintained to Maintained to Public Setting
  • Activate functional or duration tests
  • Control lighting

Compatible Products

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