Smart Driver

Smart Driver

Intelligent lighting systems designed to compliment state-of-the-art developments and architecturally designed buildings.

SmartDriver is next generation electronic, intelligent lighting control gear, focused on expanding the functionality offered by traditional lighting systems, increasing lighting performance and decreasing energy consumption.

The management of each individual fixture on your lighting system can be targeted and customised by integrating appropriate SD building automation sensors or modules.

Wireless Control Intelligent Lighting

Want modern lighting systems control, without the cost of laying additional cables? Connect the radio antenna equipped Building Automation Module to allow full wireless control.

Self Adapting Intelligent Lighting - Autodimmer Sensors

Every SmartDriver appliance equipped with an Autodimmer Sensor can self-manage the lighting by automatically regulating the luminous intensity according to the natural or artificial light already present in the environment.

This can reduce energy costs by up to 30% compared to fixed light intensity LED fixtures.

Building Automation Compatibility Out of the Box

The SmartDriver ecosystem effortlessly integrates with other communication protocols like DALI. The special DALI Module / 1-10V allows both DALI interfacing and 1-10V analogue dimming with direct control.

Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits

An Emergency Lighting Kit including an inverter and battery for activation in case of blackouts in the AT, LG and LGFM intelligent versions and with the latest Plug&Light immediate-connection inverter are also available.


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