Professional device with elevated luminous flux and anti-glare system. Functions in emergency situations due to the Plug&Light LED Inverter, to be ordered separately. Smart Driver System for the highest level of flexibility of use due to the various additional modules. The Autodimmer Sensor is supplied as standard in the base product. The self-extinguishing polycarbonate body is stabilized to UV rays. The screen has a micro-structured antiglare surface finish specifically designed to disseminate the LED light in the most effective manner.

The device is strong and long-lasting with an age-resistant expanded polyurethane seal and concealed closure hooks made from polyester based technopolymer.

Product category: Surface, Suspended, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial, Waterproof

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Production, Warehouses, Industrial Areas
Ballast Constant Current LED (programmable)*, Constant Current LED**
Colour Rendering >80
Colour Temp. (K) 4000K
Colours (RAL) Grey RAL 7035
Energy Class A++
IK Rating IK05
IP Rating IP65
Material Polycarbonate
Mounting Options Ceiling, Suspension, Busbar Trunking
Norms [48,80,95,98,100], [36,66,90,97,100]***
Optics White Reflective Powder Coated Steel
Voltage (v) 230v
*Smart Driver **Eco Driver ***Parking

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
15039 Opticom Smart Photosensor*
*Smart Driver

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
3905 Protection Grid 18W
8066 Protection Grid 36W
8067 Protection Grid 58W/80W
3504 Bracket Wall Installations
3505 Hook Stainless Steel Inox 18W
3506 Hook Stainless Steel Inox 36W
3507 Hook Stainless Steel Inox 58W/80W
8010 Kit Wiring Through 58W/80W
8012 Kit Wiring Through 36W
20102 Building Automation Central Unit*
20124 Building Automation Central Unit + Wifi*
20104 2 Input Interface - Radio Transmitter*
15022 Building Automation Radio Module*
15024 DALI Module*
15034 1-10V Module*
*Smart Driver

Control system order codes

Eco Driver

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
2x18218EDBS100 LED 2x18 ED 4000K18W20W722900lm2600lm132lm/W
2x36236EDBS100 LED 2x36 ED 4000K36W40W1445800lm5200lm132lm/W
2x58258EDBS100 LED 2x58 ED 4000K47W51W1927700lm6800lm132lm/W

Smart Driver 

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
1x18118SDBS100 LED 1x18 SD 4000K9W11W721900lm1525lm139lm/W
2x18218SDBS100 LED 2x18 SD 4000K19W22W723300lm2750lm127lm/W
1x36136SDBS100 LED 1x36 SD 4000K21W23W1445000lm3100lm135lm/W
2x36236SDBS100 LED 2x36 SD 4000K42W46W1447000lm5500lm121lm/W
1x58158SDBS100 LED 1x58 SD 4000K29W32W1805000lm4100lm129lm/W
2x58258SDBS100 LED 2x58 SD 4000K59W64W1809250lm7500lm117lm/W
2x80280SDBS100 LED 2x80 SD 4000K68W74W18011000lm8500lm116lm/W
2x36236PSDBS100 LED PARKING 2x36 SD 4000K48W52W1447750lm5500lm106lm/W
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