Recessed LED luminaire with comfort optic (UGR<19), which is suitable for home and work applications. The luminaire has an aluminium die-cast body (grey RAL 9016) combined with a white aluminium frame. The reflector is grey with a satin finish which provides optimal visual comfort for any type of application. 

The luminaire is available with smart or standard drivers. The SD (smart) version can be equipped with a wide range of emergency lighting inverters.

White or aluminium mirror finish reflectors are also available on request.  

Product category: Recessed, Downlights, Indoor, LED

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Office environments, Home
Colour Rendering >90
Colour Temp. (K) 4000K
Colours (RAL) White
Energy Class A++
IP Rating IP54 (IP20 Driver)
IP Rating IP54
Material Aluminium die-cast body, grey RAL 9016. White or aluminium frame available on request
Mounting Options Plasterboard recessed mounting
Optics High-efficiency, satin-finish aluminium (75°)
UGR <19
Voltage 230V
Working Temperature -20°C +40°C

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
19359 PLUG&LIGHT LED Inverter Maintained/Non Maintianed 3hr Duration 20-60V
19355 FULL LED Inverter LG 6W 55V 123hr Duration*
19372 FULL LED Inverter LG 8W 55V 123hr Duration*
19390 EXTREME Inverter AT/LG AR 15W 55V LTO*
19391 EXTREME Inverter AT/LG AR 15W 55V LiFe*
19376 IP65 cover
19375 LGFM Inverter
15024 DALI Module
15034 1-10V Module
* IP65 Cover Required (Order Code 19376) * LG Technology Inverters Can Be Turned Into LGFM Using Accessory Code 19375

Control system order codes

Eco Driver

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
10W40304DWL IP54 10W 75°C90 SAT ED 4K9W10W-1300lm1100lm110lm/W
15W40305DWL IP54 15W 75°C90 SAT ED 4K13W15W-2000lm1650lm110lm/W
25W40306DWL IP54 25W 75°C90 SAT ED 4K22W25W-3300lm2750lm110lm/W
35W40307DWL IP54 35W 75°C90 SAT ED 4K31W35W-4600lm3850lm110lm/W

Smart Driver 

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
10W40324DWL IP54 10W 75°C90 SAT SD 4K9W10W-1300lm1100lm110lm/W
15W40325DWL IP54 15W 75°C90 SAT SD 4K13W15W-2000lm1650lm110lm/W
25W40326DWL IP54 25W 75°C90 SAT SD 4K22W25W-3300lm2750lm110lm/W
35W40327DWL IP54 35W 75°C90 SAT SD 4K31W35W-4600lm3850lm110lm/W
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