The F250/F400 LED is a fixture of the latest generation able to combine the advantages of the LED light source with state-of-the-art optic systems, as regards both performance and flexibility of application. The very high efficiency LED sources produce unprecedented lighting that allows the illumination of building façades or hardstands, even at considerable distance.

The diffuser has an ample and uniform area of emission, allowing very low luminosity and therefore reduced glare with high visual comfort.

The excellent mechanical characteristics (IP66-IK09) allow installation in outdoor settings even in extreme conditions, while the possibility of versions with a symmetrical or asymmetrical beam makes the fixture particularly versatile.

The “square cut” design of the F250/F400 LED allows movements through 360°, on the axis of rotation of the goniometric bracket, thus enabling great flexibility of movement and mounting. The Intelligent dimming versions ensure maximum energy saving by utlising sensors with self-adapting technology which automatically adjust the emission of light according to the reading of the natural light present on the work surface.

An LED inverter is also available which transforms the fixture into an emergency maintained fixture, to light a section of the LED source in the event of a black-out. The versions with intelligent dimming are enabled in the “Grande ESCo Italia” project.

Product category: Floodlights, Outdoor, Louvres

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Sport, Gardens, Building Entrances, Building Fa├žades
Ballast Constant current LED Smart driver (programmable)
Colours (RAL) Grey RAL 7040
IK Rating IK09
IP Rating IP66
Material Die-cast aluminium
Norms [51,87,98,100,100], [82,99,100,100,100]
Optics Sheet metal with parabolic development in anti-iridescent, mirror finished, anodised aluminium. Symmetrical/Asymmetrical
Voltage (v) 230v

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
Vandal-Proof Screws
Goniometric Bracket
M20 Cable Gland with Ventilation Valve
15039 Opticom Smart Photosensor

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
12661 Pole Head 2x 60-76
12662 Pole Head 4x 60-76

Control system order codes


Part NumberNet Weight (kg)Insulation ClassTemperatureLuminaire Power (W)Luminaire Flux (lm)Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)

Smart Driver 

Part NumberNet Weight (kg)Insulation ClassTemperatureLuminaire Power (W)Luminaire Flux (lm)Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)
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