Device for emergency lighting that is highly flexible in use. The symmetry and the great uniformity of its illumination means that Formula 65 LED Deep Opticom can be installed without a pre-fixed positioning, to the walls, ceiling, suspended or recessed. The white polycarbonate body houses a double-reflective optic that in turn integrates two highly efficient LED series (greater than 160 lumen/Watt). The high transparent polycarbonate diffuser was designed to seal in the optic group so that the device offers a ip65 protection level. The external shell features a number of pre scored access points for direct fitting on all the most common junction or flush-mounted boxes. The standard autonomy of 1h can be extended to 1.5h, 2h, 3h or 8h using the Opticom Technology app to automatically change the outgoing luminous flux. The device is designed to accommodate the feed-through cabling (section 2.5mm) and is suitable for use with the M20 commercial cable brackets, both for smooth and corrugated tubes of 16 and 20mm diameter.

Product category: Luminaires, Exit Signs

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
No 2 Cable Gland M20
Adapter Tube 16/20 White
19044 Adhesive Left/Right/Down F65

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
19040 Recessed Box + Frame F65
19041 Ceiling Bracket F65
19042 Double Sided Screen with Left/Right Arrows F65
19043 Double sided Screen with Down Arrows F65
19045 Wall Bracket Suspended F65
15036 LG Module
15037 LGFM Module
15038 DALI Module

Control system order codes


Part No.Net WeightInsulation ClassEmergency Operation ModeBatteryBattery DurationLuminaire PowerLuminaire FluxLuminaire Flux in EmergencyAutoripara Battery
192170.7kgIINon-maintained modeLTO 4.8V 1.2Ah-7.5W-250/85lm-
192180.7kgIINon-maintained modeLTO 2 X 4.8V 1.2Ah-7.5W-550/190lm-
192190.7kgIIMaintained modeLTO 4.8V 1.2Ah-7.5W130lm315/110lm-
192520.7kgIINon-maintained modeLTO 4.8V 1.2Ah-7.5W-315/110lm-

This product is currently unavailable.

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