HighBay HP is a high performance luminaire that is suitable to replace traditional metal halide sources within high-ceiling industrial environments.

The body is constructed of die-cast aluminium with inbuilt dissipating fins on the top cover that houses the inverter.

The diffuser is made from PMMA that incorporates the optic (60°- 90°- 120°) Glass diffusers for this product can be ordered separately for heavy duty applications.

This luminaire has an eyebolt for suspension mounting but can also be mounted on the floor or wall with the swivel bracket which can be ordered separately.

Thanks to the in-built remote control modules, the SD version of the luminaire can be controlled remotely for luminouse flux & consumption optimisation.

Product category: Surface, Suspended, Floodlights, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Indoor, Industrial, LED

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Industrial Environments
Colour Temp. (K) 4000K
Energy Class A++
IK Rating IK09
IP Rating IP65
Material Polyester powder-coated die-cast aluminium, RAL 7040
Mounting Options Suspended mounting, Ceiling mounting, Wall mounting, Floor mounting
Optics Round PMMA Lens
Voltage (v) 230v
Working Temperature -25°C ÷ +50°C

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
- Eyebolt for suspended mounting
- M20 Cable gland with vent valve
- Built-in home automation remote control (SD version)

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
40900 Glass Diffuser HP 120° 100/150W
40901 Glass Diffuser HP 120° 200/240W
40902 Diffuser HP 120° 100/150W
40903 Diffuser HP 120° 200/240W
40904 60° Cover HP 100/150W
40905 60° Cover HP 200/240W
40906 90° Cover HP 100/150W
40907 90° Cover HP 200/240W
40908 Swivel Bracket HP 100/150W
40909 Swivel Bracket HP 200/240W
20104 Home Automation Remote Controle Transmitter (SD version)

Control system order codes

Eco Driver

Power W.Order Code Description OpticLED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
100W40204HIGHBAY HP 100W 90° 4K ED 0-10V90°90W100W18017000lm14000lm140lm/W
150W40205HIGHBAY HP 150W 90° 4K ED 0-10V90°135W150W30625000lm21000lm140lm/W
200W40206HIGHBAY HP 200W 90° 4K ED 0-10V90°180W200W30634000lm28000lm140lm/W
240W40207HIGHBAY HP 240W 90° 4K ED 0-10V90°216W240W30641000lm34000lm140lm/W

Smart Driver 

Power W.Order Code Description OpticLED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
100W40224HIGHBAY HP 100W 90° 4K SD90°90W100W18017000lm14000lm140lm/W
150W40225HIGHBAY HP 150W 90° 4K SD90°135W150W30625000lm21000lm140lm/W
200W40226HIGHBAY HP 200W 90° 4K SD90°180W200W30634000lm28000lm140lm/W
240W40227HIGHBAY HP 240W 90° 4K SD90°216W240W30641000lm34000lm140lm/W
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