Recessed fixture for mounting in an exposed structure, slats and plasterboard.

Also for ceiling mounting with an adaptor. Characterized by excellent Dark Light anti-glare control, its use is particularly recommended in all workplaces with video terminals where employees are exposed to artificial light for long periods. The exact emission of light on the work surface gives precision to the beam of light, the indirect emission that is reflected on the side reflectors considerably increases comfort thanks to an overall result of soft light.

Additional accessories are also available for integrating emergency lighting: the LED Inverter for lighting up part of the fixture in the event of a black-out, or the LED Module for inserting in the seat provided.

Product category: Recessed, Ceiling Mounted, Indoor

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Offices, Public Areas, Didactic Areas, Commercial Areas
Ballast Constant current LED (programmable)*, Constant Current LED
Colours (RAL) White RAL 9003
IK Rating 05
IP Rating IP20, IP54
Material Sheet Steel epoxy coated
Norms [75,97,100,100,100]
Optics Dark Light
Voltage (v) 230v
*Smart Driver

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
15039 Opticom Smart Photosensor

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
1232 Ceiling Frame Inc Eco LED
10404 Brackets for Slats

Control system order codes


Part NumberNet Weight (kg)Insulation ClassTemperatureLuminaire Power (W)Luminaire Flux (lm)Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)

Smart Driver 

Part NumberNet Weight (kg)Insulation ClassTemperatureLuminaire Power (W)Luminaire Flux (lm)Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)
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