LOGICA FM is a versatile, wireless, modular control system for self-contained emergency lighting, designed to ensure compatibility with local and national regulations for the purpose of testing, monitoring and controlling emergency luminaires from a central point without the need for any additional communications cable.

  • Modular system
  • Logica emergency luminaires work in both Auto Test and Central Test mode
  • Programmable autonomy (1hrs/3hrs)
  • Luminaires can be grouped (odd/ even) and tests can be staggered
  • Possibility of remote control via PC (GSM interface, Ethernet, USB, RS232)
  • Can be integrated with Building Automation systems
  • Centralised configuration operations
  • Conversion kits available for: 
    • Incandescent bulbs
    • Halogen bulbs with electronic and magnetic transformers
    • Fluorescent tubes with electronic or magnetic ballast
    • LED Luminaires

Logica FM Control Unit Design Considerations

Should be mounted within a DIN Rail Enclosure G05331 at a height of 1.5m and have a dedicated 230v unswitched fused mains supply. A 230v mains socket should be provided within 1m of the control unit.

Product category: Central Testing Equipment

Control system order codes

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