Ceiling or suspension fixture for installations in the tertiary sector.

Characterized by excellent Dark Light anti-glare control, its use is particularly indicated in all workplaces with video terminals where employees are exposed to artificial light for long periods. The exact emission of light on the work surface gives high characteristics of comfort and precision of the beam of light.

A range of accessories is available for heavy wiring and for mechanical fixing in a continuous row to obtain a civil system of the latest generation.

Additional accessories are also available for integrating emergency lighting: the LED Inverter for lighting up part of the fixture in the event of a black-out, or the LED Module for inserting in the seat provided.

Product category: Surface, Suspended, Ceiling Mounted, Indoor

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Offices, Public Areas, Didactic Areas, Commercial Areas
Ballast Constant Current LED Smart Driver (Programmable)
Colour Rendering >80
Colour Temp. (K) 4000K
Colours (RAL) White RAL 9003
Energy Class A++
IK Rating IK05
IP Rating IP20
Material Polyester Powder Coated Sheet Steel
Mounting Options Ceiling, Suspension
Norms [75,98,100,100,100]
Optics Dark Light
Voltage (v) 230v

Accessories (supplied)

Order Code Description
15039 Opticom Smart Photosensor

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
20080 P236/58 LED Single Suspension
20081 P236/58 LED Suspension + Single Mains Cable
20087 Coupling + Continuous Row Suspension Cable
20088 Three-Phase Through Wiring
20102 Building Automation Central Unit
20124 Building Automation Central Unit + Wifi
20104 2 Input Interface- Radio Transmitter
15022 Building Automation Radio Module
15024 DALI Module
15034 1-10V Module
19359 Inverter Plug & Light LED M/NM 3h Duration 20-60V
19355 Inverter LED AT/LG 6W 55V 1-3h Duration*
19390 Inverter LED Extreme AT/LG 10W 55V 0.75-8h LTO*
19391 Inverter LED Extreme AT/LG 10W 55V 0.75-8h LiFe*
*IP65 Cover (order code 19376) required for installation, LG technology Inverters can be turned into LGFM using accessory code 19375

Control system order codes

Smart Driver 

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous Efficiency lm/W
2x36P236SDCEILING LED 2x36 SD 4000K31W36W1404800lm4000lm111lm/W
2x58P258SDCEILING LED 2x58 SD 4000K42W47W1406160lm5100lm109lm/W
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