Versatile and innovative LED light source fixture.

Ultra-thin and low weight, the Pane LED can be installed as a suspended light fitting. It is also suited to high architectural standard environments.

When installed recessed in lay over ceilings, its frame matches the grid structure of the ceiling modules.

The combination of very high-efficiency LEDs with the opal diffusing screen grants an optimal visual comfort in any kind of application: Offices, Schools, Hotels and Shopping Malls.

An emergency inverter kit, to grant the switching of the fixture in case of black out, is available as an accessory.

Product category: Recessed, Surface, Suspended, Ceiling Mounted, Indoor

Feature Name Feature Description
Application Offices, Shops
Ballast Constant Current LED
Colour Rendering >80
Colours (RAL) White
Energy Class A++
IK Rating IK05
IP Rating IP40,
Material Aluminium Alloy
Norms [46,78,95,100,100], [64,89,97,100,100]
Optics Rotosymmetrical
Voltage (v) 230v

To be ordered separately

Order Code Description
70033 Suspension Wire PaneLED 600x600
70034 Suspension Wire PaneLED 1200x300
70035 Ceiling Frame PaneLED 600x600
70036 Ceiling Frame PaneLED 1200x300
12148 DALI Converter 1-10V
19363 Inverter LED IP65 AT 1-3h

Control system order codes

Eco Driver

Power W.Order Code Description LED Power W.Colour Temp K.Power Consumption W.No LEDsFlux of LEDs Flux of Fixture Luminous efficiency lm/W
3670010PaneLED 600x600 3000K38W3000K36W1803800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670011PaneLED 600x600 4000K38W4000K36W1803800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670012PaneLED 1200x300 3000K38W3000K36W2163800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670013PaneLED 1200x300 4000K38W4000K36W2163800lm3000lm83lm/W
4570021PaneLED 45W 600x600 3000K45W3000K45W 1685000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570022PaneLED 45W 600x600 4000K45W4000K45W 1685000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570023PaneLED 45W 1200x300 3000K45W3000K45W 2425000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570024PaneLED 45W 1200x300 4000K45W4000K45W 2425000lm4200lm93lm/W
3670025PaneLED 600x600 3000K 1-10V38W3000K36W1803800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670026PaneLED 600x600 4000K 1-10V38W4000K36W1803800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670027PaneLED 1200x300 3000K 1-10V38W3000K36W2163800lm3000lm83lm/W
3670028PaneLED 1200x300 4000K 1-10V38W4000K36W2163800lm3000lm83lm/W
4570029PaneLED 45W 600x600 3000K 1-10V45W3000K45W 1685000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570030PaneLED 45W 600x600 4000K 1-10V45W4000K45W 1685000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570031PaneLED 45W 1200x300 3000K 1-10V45W3000K45W 2425000lm4200lm93lm/W
4570032PaneLED 45W 1200x300 4000K 1-10V45W4000K45W 2425000lm4200lm93lm/W
1470037PaneLED 14W 300x300 3000K14W3000K14W723800lm3000lm83lm/W
1470038PaneLED 14W 300x300 4000K14W4000K14W723800lm3000lm83lm/W
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