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Why Choose Us

It is our commitment to place aftercare service at the forefront of our customers' needs. To provide you with a lifetime of support to ensure your systems and products are working at their very best.

Wishing to install a wireless radio modular system or a dedicated wired control system, central or decentralised battery, or simply adding to an existing unit? Our team of experts will review and recommend the right solution to you.

Our commitment

• No licensing fees.<br /> • Free software upgrades on your current system.<br /> • Free training for all new packages, installations and employees joining the team throughout the life-cycle of the partnership.<br/> • Set the monthly functional and annual duration emergency lighting tests.<br/> • Collect and report test results, and order any required parts, ensuring each luminaire is operating at its very best.<br/>

Our Product

• One unified software package that supports both self-contained and central battery systems.<br /> • Multiple types of control, monitoring and testing systems.<br /> • Across multiple buildings, sites and locations.<br /> • Supporting multiple needs.<br /> • Complimenting architecturally designed buildings.<br /> • A service that offers the very best personalised solution, at the right price and with a dedicated team supporting a lifetime of aftercare support.

I have been involved with Hostwave on a number of emergency lighting projects and have always found the product information comprehensive and useful and the technical support team both helpful and knowledgeable. The luminaires and associated equipment cover a broad range of requirements and are of good quality with some helpful installation aids.

Neil Scott, Associate, TGA Consulting Engineers

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